About Us

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Our company has a non-destructive testing and electrical control laboratory, and is constantly expanding the scope of accreditation, for the maximum coverage in providing of services in this line-of-business.
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Also, one of the company line-of-business is equipment, spare parts and expendable supplies from leading world and domestic manufacturers.
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Qualified and experienced personnel, production and technical facilities, system approach, competence and structure of the company allow us to offer our customers a wide range of services.

Scope of activity

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Project Management
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Technical diagnostics and non-destructive testing
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Inline inspection of process gas pipelines at compressor stations of main gas pipelines
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Vibrodiagnostics of gas compressor units on compressor stations
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Inline inspection of the linear part of the main pipeline
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Complex electrical tests of production facilities in the oil and gas industry
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Repair of insulation of pipelines of various diameters, including the linear part of main pipelines
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Maintenance of hot water boilers at production facilities of the oil and gas industry
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Diagnostics and maintenance of electrochemical protection systems at production facilities of the oil and gas industry
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Maintenance, medium and overhaul of gas piston and diesel generator at production facilities of the oil and gas industry
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Maintenance of analytical instruments and measuring system of technological equipment at production facilities of the oil and gas industry
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Comprehensive examination and assessment of the corrosion state of production facilities of main pipelines
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Supply of equipment, spare parts and consumables for technological equipment of the oil and gas industry.